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Easy Cabled Scarf


Reversible Cable Scarf Pattern

Jill Chatelain-
2009 (Which way is up scarf)
As altered by RHoffman 2012


Worsted weight


Size 9 & a cable needle


KPK = K1,P1,K1
KP4 = K1,P1x4
St =stitch(es) KP2 = K1,P1x2
Cast on 35 stitches

Rows 1-10:

knit across (garter stitch)

Rows 11-20:

K3 (outer border); K1, P1 (inner border); KPK (moss stitch);KP4(cable);KPK (moss stitch); KP4 (cable), KPK (moss stitch); K1,P1(outer border); K3(outer boarder).

Row 21 (cable row):

K3;K1, P1;*KPK, (work cable) slip next 4 st onto cable needle purlwise (as if to purl) and hold in front. KP2 from the left needle, then pick up the st from the cable needle and KP2. Repeat once from*;KPK; K1,P1; K3

Repeat rows 11-21 until you reach the desired length, ending on a row multiple of 10. Knit across the next 10 rows.

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